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What do we do?
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​​Clean Energy Solutions

Taking energy storage as core technology, proposing the "Thermal Cell" as lead theory, we have built three system innovations: Energy storage system orginal innovation, Multi-energy complementary system integrated innovation,​ Energy network system self-innovation.

We use our own thermal storage materials as heat medium basic materials, absorbing different types of energy such as solar energy, air source energy, ground energy, wind energy, valley eletricity, waste eletricity or waste heat etc., in the form of complementary multi-energy with integrated innovation, to make all energy stored in thermal energy system with heat, and then exchange the heat according to demand, and release electricity, hot water, steam, heating, cool air etc., this system fully utilize the energies and supply them stably.

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​Renewable Energy Solutions   


In order to meet the development demand of economic & technological development zone in different cities, completely exhibit the environmental construction concept of industial city combination plans, and fully demonstrate our crystal result of cutting-edge technology development especially our concentrated solar power (CSP) technology and photovoltaic (PV) solar technology, therefore, we established a CSP & PV research center in Suqian Economic and Technological Development Zone, which is mainly focusing on the core parts such as CSP Tower, CSP Trough, CSP Dish and Rooftop Distributed Photovoltaic System, Molten Salt Thermal Energy Storage Peak Shaving System, Smart Energy Management System. 

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​Thermal Energy Solutions

Enesoon group provide full energy storage industry chain core technologies, especially in molten salt thermal energy storage solutions, we have established China largest molten salt manufacturer [Qinghai Enesoon New Materials Limited] in 2017, which can produce 1 million tons of molten salt per year, guarantee the mass demand of molten salt thermal storage in both clean energy and renewable energy CSP concentrated solar power industries, our molten salt is also widely used as heat transfer fluid and chemical heat treatment in a lot of other industries such as petrochemical, oil refineries, refrigerants, melamine and alkali, acrylic acid, amino alcohol and so on. 

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Zero Carbon City

HongKong Office:


Contact: Andy Peng      Email:       Mobile: +86 15602948701

Address: 2/F, Bio-Informatics Centre, No.2 Science Park West Avenue, HongKong Science Park, Shatin, New Territories, HongKong.

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Shenzhen Headquarters:


Tel: +86 755 26014439      Fax: +86 755 26077209

Address: 8/F, China Academy of Science & Technology Development Building, 009#, Hi-tech South 1st Road, Nanshan District, Shenzhen, China.