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Global Green Energy Solution Provider

Innovation Carries the Dream, Enesoon Changes the World!

Renewable Energy Solutions

Enesoon susidiary - Sichuan Xiecheng Electric Power Engineering Desgin Co., Ltd. is a professinoal renewable energy desgin acedemy incorparates with Enesoon Holding and TusHodings - Enesoon.

Sichuan Xiecheng Electric Power Engineering Design Co.,Ltd. is focusing on energy service in electric energy consulting, design, and EPC. It provides research, design, consulting, investment, EPC, construction and operation services for low carbon city, smart energy management, multi energy complementary application, energy storage and peak shaving, renewable energy power generation, smart grid, and CCHP.

Concentrated Solar Power which is abbreviated as CSP, is a power generation technology by gathering the solar direct radiation to heat the heat-conducting medium using various mirrors, after heat exchanging, to generate water vapour with high temperature, then to drive turbine to generate power, CSP current technologies mainly include these four types such as tower, parabolic trough, linear fresnel.

Enesoon Jiangsu Suqian Zero-Carbon Technology Plaza Project

Suqian CSP & PV Research Center  

Three World’s Firsts:

The world’s first multicomponent molten salt energy storage application project;

The world’s first project with urban architecture combined with CSP;

The world’s first integrated pr​oject with multi technologies of CSP, PV, energy storage peak shaving, CCHP and smart energy management control system!

This project is mainly composed of: 200KW CSP tower solar power generation system, 488KW rooftop districuted photovoltaic system, 30MWht low melting point multicomponent molten salt thermal energy storage peak shaving, Combined Cooling, Heating and Power (CCHP) Supply System with 1044KW cooling & 835KW heating, and smart energy management system​.

Annual power generation: 960000KWh; Cooling load: 1044KW; Heating load: 835KW

That means:

Saving 388.2 tons of coal every year;

Deducting CO2 emission 1451.3 tons;

Deducting SO2 emission 4.71 tons;

Deducting NOX emission 4.11 tons.


Enesoon Guangdong Wuhua Zero-Carbon Technology Plaza Project


Multicomponent molten salt energy storage application project;

Project with urban architecture combined with CSP;

Integrated project with multi technologies of CSP, PV, energy storage peak shaving, CCHP and smart energy management control system!

Enesoon Dish Concentrated Solar Power Station

Our Vision

Build more and more zero-carbon industrial cities with our technology for human beings!

Welcome the friends from all over the world to join to our team, to construct the most beautiful green home with green and clean energy for human beings!

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