1.Double circuits design, heat transfer and storage only via molten salt, simply and efficiently;

2.Molten salt is heated to 565℃ in solar island;

3.Stable operation in all weather condition 24 hours.


1.Three circuits design, HTF, thermal storage and power steam are in seperate circuits;

2.HTF is heated to 391℃ in solar island;

3.Stable ​operation in all weather condition 24 hours.


1.Multi energy collection and re-utilizing;

2.Combined cooling, heating and power supply;


1.Energy saving;

2.Cost saving;

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1.Sun type boiler, moon type boiler and sun-moon type boiler;

2.Use molten salt to store solar energy or valley electricity, then generate steam and hot water.


1.Huge heat storage quantity, stable heat supply;

2.Low operation cost;

3.Zero carbon emission.


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Thermal Energy Solutions

Enesoon self-innovated molten salt energy storage technology, first proposing the theory of "Thermal Storage Cell"

Enesoon uses self-innovated molten salt as thermal storage medium, to absorb solar energy, electricity energy and waste enenrgy etc., and transform them to high temperature carrier, to transfer thermal energy and save it in high temperature tank, after exchange the heat according to demand, the low temperature medium will be saved in low temperature tank, the released thermal energy will be used for various enenrgy utilization suchas power generation, heating supply, cooling, desalination of sea water and son on.


Enesoon Patents Ratio:

In February of 2017, the data pulled from key words search analysis with " Molten Salt + Clean Energy + CSP".

Core Patent Distribution:

  • Energy storage, hat transfr matrials patent
  • Energy storage complete set of equipment and core equipment
  • Energy storage solution patent
  • CSP and clean energy multiple energies complementary field
  • Innovation Patent

Molten Salt Thermal Storage Technology:

  • New Heat Storage Material: 5th generation molten salt third generation heat transfer oil;
  • Key Equipment: Molten salt tank, Absorber, Heat exhch;
  • Intergration and control of storage system: CSP design, control, installation, testing;
  • Cleant Energy Storage Technology: CSP energy storage solution / Clean energy central heating solution / Clean energy CCHP;
  • CSP Thermal Storage Technology: New energy waste eletricity utilizing solution / "Wind-light-heat-storage" smart energy solutions.
Enesoon Thermal Storage Applications
Enesoon CSP Parabolic Trough Energy Storage Solution
Enesoon CSP Tower Type Energy Storage Solution
Enesoon Clean Energy Boiler Solution
Enesoon Clean Energy Central Heating Solution
Enesoon Clean Energy Waste Electricity Utilization Solution
Enesoon Clean Energy Combined Cooling-Heating & Power Solution

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